Dark Horizon

Dark Horizon 1.5

Dark Horizon is a simulation game developed by Paradox Interactive
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Paradox Interactive

Dark Horizon is a simulation game developed by Paradox Interactive.
You are going to travel to the distant future with this game. The universe is dying. In the galaxy appears a big black clod called the Mirk. You will become a member of the Guardians, a race that once was human but now is trying to survive. You will be a pilot that have to complete some missions, most of the time if you want to move forward to the next level you must shoot every time.

Of course that you can have better weapons and more stuff for your ship as well as you you complete your assignments. In addition you will be able to choose between three battle modes, they are all different and very helpful.
You will be able to use the Shadow mode to duck out of intense battles and hide until your shields recharge.

Graphics and sound
the graphics are really amazing and the scenarios are gorgeous. The sound effects are suitable and the soundtrack is nice, but not impressive.

To sum up, if you want to run a spaceship this is your opportunity.

María Noel Balla
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